Europas größtes Drums und Percussion Festival vom 29.5. – 1.6.2020 in Paderborn

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Ricky Lawson and friends – feat. Dan Lutz and Philippe Saisse – live at Drums´n´Percussion Paderborn

DnP LIVE-Reihe Ricky Lawson


1. Drum Solo for L. & JoJo (Live)
2. Madison Rose (Live)
3. Masques (Live)
4. Roppomgi Blues (Live)
5. Dan's Bass Line (Live)
6. Minds Alike (Live)
7. Do it again (Live)

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Artists: Dan Lutz, Philippe Saisse, Ricky Lawson
Label: Drums and Percussion Paderborn Records
Release Date: 20-1-2017
Genre: Jazz
People: Ricky Lawson, Dan Lutz, Philippe Saisse